Dj Idem - Sur Vinyl Par Gypsy TouchIntroduction
Alchemist of turntables and poet of sounds: IDEM is much more than a simple technical DJ.
Surrounded since his youngest childhood by black music and Hip Hop, his open mindedness carries you far beyond any musical frontiers. Equipped with a vinyl set worthy of a collector, he makes each of his stage performances a unique show. Idem knows how to captivate the attention of the most experienced.
Free electron in the world of the Hip-hop, IDEM has never stopped progressing and juggling with all the techniques of the state-of-the-art deejaying. Virtuoso of the vinyl, he takes the scene for himself as a big band.


Dj Idem & Chinese Man & Billy The Artiste In Leysin 2012

Stage Performance
Selected by the leading event’s organizers of Switzerland, DJ Idem performs each year at the famous «Montreux Jazz Festival».
DJ Idem is also frequently asked to animate various competitions such as Streetballs events, The NESCAFÉ Snowboard World Championship (Leysin & Montana CH) as well as the Volleyball World Championship of Gstaad CH.
His experience and talent have allowed him to play abroad, in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and Morocco.

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Collaborations et Productions
killed and innovative, Idem also often draws the attention of the biggest Hip Hop heads. Some call him out, to accompany their show when they come to Switzerland. He recently appeared on stage in company of Redman and Keith Murray, Buddha Monk and Psy4 de la Rime.
Today in close collaboration with numerous artists such as Cassidy (X – men), Maiza (Rime Féroces) or even Sonny Seeza (Onyx) with whom he is actually co-producing, Idem plays in the big league and places his compositions on legendary albums. He is for instance the composer of the Group Home song that pays tribute to rapper G.U.R.U. passed away in April 2010.

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Members :
Gimma (OBK)
Negatif (Double Pact)
Sisma (Linea23)
PDDP (ex Liricas Analas)
DJ Idem (Big Factory Records)

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